Sreesanth outrages on slapgate, calls Bhajji a backstabber

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Five years after the infamous ‘slapgate’, S Sreesanth, today made an explosive twitter claim, saying that the entire incident was planned and that his former India teammate Harbhajan Singh was a “backstabbing person”.


The temperamental Sreesanth made a series of revelations on the 2008 incident from his twitter account, creating a fresh controversy in the IPL, in reaction to media comparing Gautam Gambhir and Virat Kohli spat on-field spat with ‘slapgate’.

Here’s the entire revelation:

Sreesanth outrages on Slapgate.. Bhajji a backstabber

Storified by NitiN Kumar Jain· Fri, Apr 12 2013 03:42:26

Jst read times of india sports page headlines..very very disappointing…yesterday s incident with Gautam Bhai Nd virat ..was compared ???Sreesanth
To me Nd Bhajji pa??really Nd written again about slap gate????enough of this s#%^t..Stop it.. I can’t keep silent Anymore.Sreesanth
(Bhajji Never Slapped me…all I did is play the game the way I had all my life.he lost it badly ..being the captain of MUMBAI he Lost itSreesanth
He had no control over his anger..,Nd one more thing I wanna clear..he (nanavati sir ) knows the truth and the full ipl..he had lost itSreesanth
Every one blaming me Nd always writing and talking about slap gate??it really s**#s.the truth is in the video ..which is with ipl..Sreesanth
I want the world to c it..Whn I went to shake hands afte the match..he had lost it..he had already planned to hit me(elbow me)all his angerSreesanth
I don’t want Bhajji to feel bad now..I need to tell the truth to the world..wht happend was bad..it’s not my fault at all..and all media ???Sreesanth
Disgusting ..that’s all I can say..u should get hold of the video..them u all will know te truth..wht he did is completely out of controlSreesanth
All blamed me for getting emotional ..??c mon who doesn’t get emotional whn u know the person who u worship is a backstabbing person Nd ..Sreesanth
Nd whn u start to c the big change in person who u trust so much..the World comes down ..that’s wht happ..;He Never slapped me;Sreesanth
It’s not my fault at all ..Nd I keep getting compared to all this bull s##*..whn ever anything bad happens in ipl or cricket match..crazySreesanth
I had enough of this..I really request ll the media to show the world wht happend..then u all will realise..wht really happenedSreesanth
Iam not acres anymore to tell the truth..I had enough..I was scared ..really scared ..not anymore..can’t take this s**#..anymoreSreesanth
And wht a name??slapgate)wow..I really really really want u all to see the full video..please ..it’s a request..all I did is play the gameSreesanth
And play the game giving my very best to the team Nd the game..played with lots of passion Nd courage..Nd kept believing every r brothers..Sreesanth
That’s whr I went wrong..most of thm r jst so so so selfish Nd it was so sad to c no one supporting me even whn all know it was not my faultSreesanth
I love this game Nd I will always keep givingy very best no matter wht..afte all these surgeries nd gettin back on field was tough..butSreesanth
I did manage to at again Nd run in had md do my very best..Gods been extremely kind on me Nd my family Nd friends,Nd surely my supportersSreesanth
Thanks a lot people..really appreciate for being there for me..god bless u allSreesanth
I really hope this tweet at least gives some sense to some ..all I can say is enough ..don’t judge me unless u have walked my path..Sreesanth
It’s really tough to be me..but it’s always nice to see others try..from a very small kid from a village in Kerala @ernakulam district ..Sreesanth
To be whr Iam ..I ve no complaints..but now I want u All to know the truth.He (Bhajji)never Slapped me.the video will show u all..wt he didSreesanth
The real incident video..which is been kept hiding..c mon let the world see it..I wanna tell u all ..I’m really sorry to have kept quiteSreesanth
Can’t take this anymore..evrytime..Enough..Sreesanth
The real video is not with me..it’s been with ipl.for ages now..sorry..Sreesanth
Nd yeah..all I did is to tell u all wht happend.u all should know the truth.i was scared of loosing my place. I had no support wtsoevrrSreesanth
Only a person who have played cricket in a tough will understand ..how tough it is to keep going strong ..Iam not a person who pleasesSreesanth
I don’t beg Nd try to be friendly coz..that’s how it’s done..sorry if I see fault I ..will correct..I wi not jst keep quiteSreesanth
Thr r so many things I can’t even say or discuss..I so t want to it’s past..Nd I really don’t want it..I love this game Nd wanna keep at itSreesanth
I will keep giving my very best..odd bad days happen on field with performance but not personally wht happens can be controlledSreesanth
I think I have always played with my heart on my sleeve Nd always ran I’m hard to bowl at my best..I havnt been consistent but I’m learningSreesanth
Everyday ..Iam learning..I will keep learn ingSreesanth
It’s just tht ..it’s sad to c .the media still talking about it..really feels bad..slap,thappad,,,???really..it’s not wht u all knowSreesanth
I got emotional only coz..tht incident was planned by few Nd few knew about it and warned me too but I never thoughtSreesanth
It s gonna happen.may be he(Bhajji got provoked too)no idea .why he did tht..but let me clear again ..tht was not a slapgate issueSreesanth
Thnks people..I had to let u Know..can’t keep quite anymore..I will surly respond..enough of this .Sreesanth
I was asked to say tht ..it was my fault too..I was asked ..that’s the truth …it was never my fault..it’s sad.really sadSreesanth
I ve moved on but whn I keep reading all this bull###*itreallu hurts..it really does..but that’s enough..anyways thnks to the mediaSreesanth
All this 5..6 years ..I was quite..not anymore..thr is much more thn wht u all even know..that’s itSreesanth
I know ..this is all of a sudden but..enough ..thnks a lot to twitter ..I can speak the truthSreesanth
All the videos of YouTube making fun Nd making the incident look like Iam ::;;;|>>>*###*thts bad..the real video is still not outSreesanth
I must say..Iam really sorry to have takn this topic up..plss try Nd be in my place..for a minute.u will realise how I feel..it’s really badSreesanth
@udita_scorpio77 things pass?? Really? I have ..I did ..all I could ..but can’t keep taking this anymore..let the world also know wht hapndSreesanth
It was just my feeling which I shared..I hve nothing more to say..thnks a lot..love alwaysSreesanth

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