Sir Jadeja trolled by Dhoni, Raina & others

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The Rajnkanth of cricket, Sir Ravindra Jadeja from Chennai Super Kings, is the new twitter trend.

Dhoni today suddenly started tweeting about Ravindra Jadeja and jokes similar to what we have known as Rajni jokes. It was fun seeing his tweets. Soon, the world started tweeting about Sir Jadeja and thereafter #SirRJ started trending on twitter in no time.

Here’s are few of the good tweets from Dhoni, ChennaiIPL, Raina, Jadeja and others.

Sir Jadeja trolled by Dhoni, Raina & others

Storified by NitiN Kumar Jain· Tue, Apr 09 2013 03:42:28

Sirr Jaddduuu Off to training lol pic.twitter.com/DlIG7ct6G6Suresh Raina
I used a rough note to note down stats. Now they call it cricinfo #SirRJ @ChennaiIPLSir Ravindra Jadeja
@ChennaiIPL NO! ‘Worldwide’. is trending "Sir Jadeja" #SirRJSwasthi Shetty CS
@ChennaiIPL #SirRJ trending worldwide? No. Its is trending universe-wide.Vishwanath.T
There we go! "Sir Jadeja" trending ‘Worldwide’.. #SirRJChennai Super Kings
God realised RAJNI sir is getting old so he created sir ravindra jadejaMahendra Singh Dhoni
Sir jadeja once wanted to make a silt mountain to play as a kid now v all call it mt. EverestMahendra Singh Dhoni
Leaving for practice at 3pm but the stadium is coming so tht sir jadeja can practiceMahendra Singh Dhoni
I dnt wanna b nxt rajnikant @ImRaina @msdhoni pls maaf kardo ahahaahahravindrasinh jadeja
@jst_fr_fun no the umpire asks sir jadeja if he can give the batsman outMahendra Singh Dhoni
@msdhoni Once Sir Ravindra Jadeja set a cricket ball on fire and threw it into outerspace. Today, they call it the sun.Vishnu Prasad
@msdhoni U have been retained as captain for next century. By Order, Sri Sri Ravindra Jadeja.Maunil Shah
@msdhoni Sir alfred noble gets Lord ravindra jadeja awardAwish Thakar
Whenever sir jadeja makes an error its an invention and on a daily basis v get plenty of those,all patent pendingMahendra Singh Dhoni
Hahahh Sir jaddu is having great time in chandigarh..always try to enjoy bowling to MS and SR steelSuresh Raina
Sir jadeja doesn’t run to take the catch but the ball finds him and lands on his handMahendra Singh Dhoni
Wen sir jadeja drives his jeep, his jeep remains still and road moves and wen he goes in to bat the pavillion moves to the wktMahendra Singh Dhoni
@msdhoni @ImRaina Twitter follows Sir Ravindra Jadejagurunath meiyappan
Sir ravindra jadeja shooting for @7upindia. yfrog.com/h3rtudjcjMahendra Singh Dhoni

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